Fireworks and Hawaii

If you didn’t already know, fireworks in Hawaii is legal but only the popping/playing of novelties.  Novelties are considered things like sparklers, and morning glories.  Nothing like real Red Devil firecrackers.  In order to pop those, you need a permit which cost $25.00 and it allows you to purchase 5,000 firecrackers (brick).  I believe in the year 2000, there were no need for permits in order to buy firecrackers.  You could walk in to say Longs Drugs and buy a 100,000 for probably around $25.00.  I truly miss those days.  Popping firecrackers is tradition in Hawaii.  Many people argue that the smoke created causes a really big hassle for those who suffer from asthma.  I can see where they’re coming from but even with the permit law in effect, it’s just as smokey as when there was no permit in effect.

Also in Hawaii shells and m80s etc are all illegal.  Any type of aerial firework is illegal.  Reason is they say it causes many house/brush fires.  There is a thriving black market for them here however after 9/11 it has become very hard to come across lists.  I remember prior to the year 2000, getting fireworks was very easy and cheap.  I guess I will just have to live with the memories of those days.  I hope you all have a happy new year and enjoy yourselves.