I feel brand new

It’s weird, I was just very ill yesterday to the point where I could barely make it to use the computer.  Now today, I wake up, all is well.  I feel as though it’s just another day of the week, prior to becoming sick.  It’s actually great.  I can’t stand being sick be it the stomach flu which I just got over, or having a cough and a running nose.  Any and all sickness sucks, a fat one.  I enjoy my health and I think I take it for granted.  I need to start getting into shape and taking myself very seriously if I want to live for a long time.  In other news, I hear that the 7800GTX 512MB flavor is being phased out soon.  nVidia is making way for their new 70 or 71 chipset on the near distant future.  I was longing for that card too, oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see.