Final Fantasy IV aka Final Fantasy II in the USA is out on GBA!

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with this game but this is pure nostalgia.  I remember playing this game when I was only maybe nine or ten years old.  I loved this game.  It is what introduced me to role playing games.  I was being baby sat by my mother’s co-worker and he was rather young.  He had an SNES and he let me play this game.  I was hooked.  From that point on, I have been in love with the FF series.  However, after I believe FF7 on the PSOne, I stopped playing as the game got too hard and or too long winded for me to finish it.  I hate it when you keep dying at a hard boss and then you have to re-trek all the way back to the boss and then end up dying again.  I cannot stand that in video games.  Although I think I could alleviate that by becoming better at said game but I don’t have the time to do that.  In that case, I’ll be buying this for retros sake.  I’ll put up a short review and final thoughts on it when I buy it.