Black Friday 2005 entire list!

Best Buy

eMachines Celeron D 340 DVD/CDRW Desktop with 17in CRT $149.98
Insignia 7in Portable DVD player $69.99AR
Kodak 5Mpixel Digital Camera $129.99
Lite-On DVD Recorder $69.99AR
Maxent 42in Plasma EDTV $999.99
Sandisk 512MB e240 Sansa MP3 player $39.99AR
Toshiba Celeron M 370 Notebook 15in screen 256MB/40GB DVD/CDRW $379.99 NO rebates!
Select DVDs including 8Mile, Sharks Tale $3.99 – Limit 3

That is just SOME of the great specials happening next week. Holy smokes, I wish I didn’t go and buy that Dell 2001FP monitor now. That eMachines would be insanely nice for my uncle for Christmas!!!