Hot Deal: Dell 2001FP monitor for $350.00!

I scored, finally. At this one forum I frequent there are some crazy sales sometimes and they are indeed legit. It isn’t necessarily a technical forum per se but a lot of people at the classifieds section sell technical stuff. I came across someone selling a 2001FP which as you all know is like the king of 20″ monitors (in my book anyway). I already have one so this would mean I would be running dual monitors. I can’t wait and I just have to check out the monitor to make sure the condition is ok and it doesn’t have any scratches or dead pixels. On the casing, I could care less but if there is any on the monitor’s front screen then I may have avoid this deal. Also, I hope it doesn’t have the screen door effect. I’ve had duals before for a moment but I returned one due to what people call the screen door affect. It’s as though you can see a little screen on your LCD with little holes. It gets really annoying after a while.