Chronic Urticaria aka Chronic Hives

I know my blog is primarly a technology blog but I thought I’d add some things about my personal life once in a while. For the past few months I’ve been getting itchy out of nowhere and it would come and go like my arms would get itchy and it would cease. Then a few minutes later my legs would get itchy and it would cease. I finally got around to seeing an allergy specialist yesterday. They performed an allergy test where they poke your arm with these little plastic things that have been dabbed in all kind of environmental things such as dust mites and cockaroach mixtures. Also foods such as chocolates, fish, etc. Anyhow at the end of that test I was most allergic to dust mites and I scored “2” on majority of the food they tested for. So after this was done I spoke to the Dr. himself and he advised me that I should cover my pillows, not eat tomatoes, shell fish, ketchup, chocolate and a few other foods that I eat a lot of. In the end he also had me take a blood test. After reading up on the internet I believe it is primarily for ruling out me having lupus (please pray to God I don’t have this folks), and a few other autoimmune diseases. However in the end and after researching this to my witts end, I finally have come to the conclusion and acceptance that it very might well be some typeof autoimmune disease in which my body attacks its own self thus causing the histamines to be released and my body getting itchy. I’ve read the worst case scenario is that it lasts maybe a year or two. The good thing is that if I take one Claritin for hives pill all the symptoms completely stop for almost a good five days. I just took one last night because I felt the symptoms returning. So I guess I’ll keep everyone updated as to what is going on and how my progression is going. I also have to lose some weight because I have an elevated blood pressure. Until the next time, adios.