I kept receiving this BSOD tonight while attempting to transfer some data off of a DVD using my Plextor 716SA SATA DVD writer. I found a message at a forum saying to up the DDR voltage if you run fast timings like cas 2-2-2 etc. I upped it to 2.70 which is still under the rated rating of 2.8 for my Crucial Ballistix memory. Sure enough while transferring the data it transferred all the way through. I’ll have to test this a little further though but it seems to have fixed the issue, I hope. I’ll update this post if it doesn’t or if it does. Peace.

I apologize

If anyone here frequents my blog, I do apologize that I did not make any backups of the data that was stored on my host’s servers. I will do this from this day forth. I was pretty crappy how they were done almost the entire day plus I had to recreate all of my hosting accounts. I’m thinking about moving to Dreamhost but I’m not certain yet. Anyhow, I do apologize and I hope I can remember what I fixed and what was what. Thanks again and aloha.