Synology 1512+ Backup & Replication to Amazon S3 extremely slow upload

So we are having problems with one of our client’s experiencing extremely slow uploads to Amazon S3.  We just reached out to support to find out what can be done but from briefly searching the Internet it doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem.  I’ve found a few instances of others having similar problems but nothing concrete in solving the actual problem.  I have enabled multi part uploads and it is at its default setting.  If I can figure it out I hope to report back here and let you all know.

Ricoh MP3001 printer does not remember user code with PCL6 driver

Ran into a problem with a Ricoh MP3001 printer installed onto Server 2008R2 using 64bit drivers PCL6.  I had a user who could not print.  We setup his user code and then he would try again and it still wouldn’t print.  All things pointed to the user code.  We check and the user code he just inputted is gone.  Once you hit apply and then OK and that window closes and if you go back to printer preferences and job type and user code it was blank again.  Changed the driver to PCL5 and the user code remains.  Try it, it should work for you.

SBS 2003 migration to Server 2008R2 SharePoint Services 3.0 error message Value does not fall within expected range

I’m sure someone will find this post handy.  I was following this guide: and got stuck at the migrating SharePoint Services 3.0 part.  The part where you first create the new site and app pool and then go into SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration and try to create or extend a web application and utilize the site and app pool you just created has resulted in an error message once I submit the page that says “Value does not fall within the expected range.”  What I ultimately did was delete the site and app pool and then went back to create or extend a web application, told it to create a new site and a new app pool, used the defaults just like you did when you manually created the site and app pool but when you get down to the application pool section use application pool name: companyweb, select a security account for this application pool.  I didn’t know what to do so I choose predefined and network service.  Follow the rest of the from the other walk through and you should be able to get passed the error message.  However I went back, manually deleted the site and application pool and then used the original method which then worked.  The only other caveat was that on other computers when accessing the companyweb site I was getting login prompts for username and password and any username or password I used wouldn’t allow me in and it would take me to an access denied page.  I then found out that you have to set the search service account.  I did that and it appears to be working.  Hope this helps.

Corsair K95 keyboard and Logitech G700s review 6 months later

I’ve owned and used 2x K95 keyboards and 2x Logitech G700s mice.

The reason I have two is I use one pair for work and one pair for home.
Initially I gave both items raving reviews and it’s only been six months but some weird quirks has popped up.  I’ve extremely OCD when it comes to weird quirks like this and it ends up bothering me to no end.
So for the Corsair K95, my work keyboard has one key that’s failed or is failing.  They say it is called key chatter or key bounce.  It is when you hit the key and it types more than once so for instance my L key is the one that is broken.  Sometimes when I type L it comes out as ll or sometimes it does not even register.  I have been trying to get an advanced RMA with Corsair so that I’m not out of a keyboard for an extended period of time.  Thankfully I just went ahead and bought myself the Cooler Master CM QuikFire keyboard and it will be arriving on Monday.  So far my RMA experience with Corsair has been poor.  I sent a submission via their online ticketing system since that is what someone told me to do when I called in.  It’s been 24 hours so far and I have not even received an e-mail indicating they’re working on my ticket.  I called this morning to see if they would take my RMA over the phone but was on hold for so long eventually a voicemail box came up and said to leave a message.  I left a message and am waiting for them to call me back.
As for the Logitech G700s well it has some really strange quirks with its software and there’s a really weird bug where it loses its settings.  You can store mouse settings onboard in its own memory which in theory should be stored forever until you change it and this is good because you can take the mouse and move it to another computer and those settings that you created within the mouse will carry over.  However, there’s a very bizarre bug where when you don’t turn off the mouse and either logout or restart the computer and if the mouse hasn’t been able to communicate with the Logitech Gaming Software it will rever its settings back to the defaults which is quite annoying.  So for instance if you have a computer that you share with family members and you use the fast Windows switching, you’ll notice that when you lock the PC and sign into another user profile that the settings for the mouse will reset.  It’s really annoying to say the least.  If you want to find more you can Google “Logitech Gaming Software DPI reset bug” and you’ll see tons of people complaining about this problem.
The problem with Logitech is that it seems like they just do not care about these issues.  It goes unnoticed on the forum or if they do reply they give a really weird work around.  So for instance the work around for the DPI reset/settings reset problem is to turn your mouse off before you sign out and make sure the Logitech Software is not loaded before you turn the mouse back on.  I know it sounds really strange that you have to jump through all these hoops just to get your mouse to work right.  I wish they’d be more transparent and focus on fixing the issues instead of trying to find workarounds.

IE10 downloads to network share causes “This program couldn’t be downloaded” error message in download manager


So basically this is what happens and the back story to this is that if you have a computer with re-directed folders, which normally would be in a corporate environment, and you attempt to download certain files, you end up with this error message in the IE10 download manager.

This was a problem with IE9 but it was fixed here:  It appears that with IE10, whatever fix they utilized, wasn’t retroactively applied to the IE10 code.

I did a little digging with Processor Monitor and found that I was getting a sharing violation error.  I then Googled that, found a few web pages talking about the problem with IE9, finally read something about Microsoft Security Essentials being a partial culprit, did some testing and came to the conclusion that if you exclude .partial files from Microsoft Security Essentials, you can get around this temporarily.  I say temporarily due to the fact that I hope Microsoft releases a fix for this although I am not getting my hopes up.  What is the consequences of excluding .partial files from MSE?  Well it basically means, I think, that every file you download isn’t going to be properly scanned.  I may be wrong, it may scan the entire file after it’s put back together but I can’t say for sure.  So if you do attempt this, you are doing this at your own risk, the possibility of downloading a malicious file and not being notified is very real.

Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 7: Downloads failing when using redirected folders

It seems that ever since IE9 there has been a weird bug with Internet Explorer and redirected folders, specifically when you are trying to download a file.  Sometimes the file will download, other times, and it’s very random, it will not work.  The usual error is: This program couldn’t be downloaded in the download manager.

It appears to happen to anyone who has redirected folders enabled – this is going to be more for folks who are in the corporate world or someone tinkering with their own Active Directory setup at home.

It also appears that Microsoft fixed this in IE9 and released a patch but IE10 seems to have broken it yet again and there is no word from Microsoft on whether or not this will ever be fixed.

If anyone knows anything or maybe even an IE dev will see this but we’d like an answer please!

Western Digital RMA process – extremely disappointed

I recently had a client who’s hard drive failed.  I replaced their hard drive roughly a year ago.  I replaced it with this hard drive: Western Digital Scorpio Black 320 GB Sata 3.0 Gb-s 16 MB Cache 2.5-Inch Internal Retail Kit Drives WDBABD3200ANC-NRSN.

Upon finding out that it had failed using Hitachi’s Drive Fitness Test, I promptly went to the Western Digital website to start the RMA process.  This hard drive comes with a 3-year warranty.  I started the process and attempted to do an “Advanced RMA” which basically means that I give them a credit card and they put a hold on the card for the MSRP of the hard drive, which was $120.00.  Then they send me the drive in hopes that I ship the drive back.  Otherwise, they will charge the card the full price, which again would be $120.00.

I ended up getting an error message indicating that the “Advanced RMA” could not be performed.  I tried again, same thing.  In the end it told me I had to call in to Western Digital to process the RMA.

I call in only to find out that they DO NOT provide return shipping at no additional cost.  Instead, they make YOU, the user, pay for shipping.  So on top of putting the $120.00 hold they also make you pay for shipping back to them for their own failed product.  Ingenius, is it not?

Anyways, I’m only complaining because if this had been a company called Seagate, this would NEVER have happened.  First of all, you can pay a $10.00 fee (you do not get this back), and they not only ship you the drive next day air but they also provide a return shipping label which has been pre-paid!  Can you believe it?  Oh, I forgot to mention, THEY DO NOT PUT A HOLD FOR THE MSRP OF THE HARD DRIVE ON YOUR CREDIT CARD!

It’s simply amazing that a company would go out of their way to help a client get their replacement hard drive in the fastest possible manner!

From this point on you guys can already guess who I’m sticking with in regards to hard drive purchases, yes, you got it right, Seagate.

IE9 RC is available for download

You can download IE9 RC over here.  Also, they appeared to have fixed the IntelliPoint bug which I’ve been blogging about for over 2 or so years or ever since IE8 came out.  I do believe they have it somewhat fixed.  Not entirely but it’s like 98% there.  I’m ecstatic.