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  1. So Brown and Walsh went to work, concocting the first incarnation of what would eventually become the West Coast offense: a horizontal, ball-control passing scheme intended to compensate for Carter’s physical shortcomings while also hiding an expansion-team-caliber offensive line.

  2. From a merchant perspective, now, I will grant you we only talk to merchants who have “real businesses,” but for a merchant, I don’t care if they’re doing $10,000 a year or $20 million a year in online sales, for someone who is in those shoes to find out that for a small fee in the neighborhood of $100 a year that they’re not only guaranteed that all of their payment gateways and shipping modules are going to keep working, but that they’re going to get constant improvements, they’re going to stay certified with Visa and MasterCard and all those other things.

  3. “What we mean by true personalization is using mathematics to model what is the very best content to show that individual based on all of their attributes and how they’ve interacted with your brand in the past, so where they live, their zip code, their demographic information, whether they bought things or not in the past, their interest areas on the site and so on and so forth.

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