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Beware of Christmas scams (viruses and spyware)
Sunday, 23 Dec, 2007 – 22:22 | 16 Comments

It looks like the Storm Worm has made a revival.  My good friend Steven over at www.securityzone.org has reported that a possibly new variant of the Storm Worm is going around right now.  The main …

Thursday, 10 May, 2007 – 22:22 | 2 Comments

Are you having a hard time trying to remove a file called koos.exe? The symptoms are: your firewall tells you koos.exe is trying to call out. Along with antivirus programs telling you koos.exe is a …

Ad-Aware 2007 coming soon
Thursday, 26 Apr, 2007 – 9:07 | One Comment

Every time I install Ad-Aware on a client’s computer I notice during the update portion it says that they are currently beta testing a new version of Ad-Aware. Sure enough, it looks like they have …

New MySpace virus going around
Tuesday, 27 Feb, 2007 – 23:49 | 21 Comments

Beware for any MySpace page that displays: “This profile contains adult content.  CLICK HERE to install MS Viewer.”
What you’ll get is far from adult content.  You will be infected with a variant of the Zlob …