Office 2016 apps prompt save as dialog twice, first through the backstage view and then the normal save as dialog box

The two above links are very similar to the problem my client is experiencing.  There is a workaround in the second link which says to disable the backstage view.  However many people grow accustomed to this view and I think it is a bug with Office and Windows.

The other thing is Microsoft standard fix for everything instead of fixing the actual bug is to do an online repair install.

Open up Word 2016, create a new document, type in some words, save as, in the backstage view, click on a folder, any folder, and then save.  Eventually the normal save as dialog box pops up again asking you to save the document.  Sometimes the document is already there and if you hit save it’ll ask if you want to overwrite the existing document that was saved via the backstage view a few seconds prior or the document is not there at all.


I am actually having the same problem and I was able to recreate it on my own workstation.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open up Microsoft Word
  2. Click on Blank Document
  3. Type anything into document
  4. File > Save As
  5. Choose someplace within Recent
  6. I choose a folder on OneDrive for Business by double-clicking on the folder
  7. Click Save
  8. Wait for it to kick you back to the document
  9. Another Save As dialog box will appear