Excel 2016 opens extremely slow on Windows 10 on Dell OptiPlex 3050 computer

If you’re like me and have a brand spanking new Dell OptiPlex 3050 and Office 2016 installed and are having problems opening up Excel documents where double clicking on the file then takes 20 seconds to open up the actual file then I’ve got the solution for you!

According to this post here, the problem is a service called Waves Audio Services.  I disabled it, and it immediately had an impact on the opening time of Excel documents.

It went from taking 20 seconds to open a single, local document to less than a second to open a single, local document.  Even documents on a network share opened in less than a second after disabling the Waves Audio Services service.

According to the source link I posted above, there is an update to the driver from Dell, but when I went to the Dell support website and looked via my computer’s affected service tag, I did not see any updates for this particular software or audio device.