How to enable Microsoft Updates for Windows Server 2008 R2

I was trying to enable Microsoft Update so that I could get Exchange updates but whenever I clicked on the “Find out more” link it would take me to the below screen shot and just stay there with no option to install Microsoft Update.


You have to add to the compatibility view settings of IE11 in order to get the prompt to install Microsoft Updates.

Exchange 2003 not receiving external e-mails

If you run into this problem where you have an SBS 2003 or Exchange 2003 server not receiving external e-mails or even sporadic, intermittent e-mails, check the self signed SSL cert that the CIECW creates.  More than like it’s expired.  If you re-create it by re-running the wizard and telling it to create a new certificate, you should be golden.  I racked my brain and hours trying to get this to work.