SBS 2003 migration to Server 2008R2 SharePoint Services 3.0 error message Value does not fall within expected range

I’m sure someone will find this post handy.  I was following this guide: and got stuck at the migrating SharePoint Services 3.0 part.  The part where you first create the new site and app pool and then go into SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration and try to create or extend a web application and utilize the site and app pool you just created has resulted in an error message once I submit the page that says “Value does not fall within the expected range.”  What I ultimately did was delete the site and app pool and then went back to create or extend a web application, told it to create a new site and a new app pool, used the defaults just like you did when you manually created the site and app pool but when you get down to the application pool section use application pool name: companyweb, select a security account for this application pool.  I didn’t know what to do so I choose predefined and network service.  Follow the rest of the from the other walk through and you should be able to get passed the error message.  However I went back, manually deleted the site and application pool and then used the original method which then worked.  The only other caveat was that on other computers when accessing the companyweb site I was getting login prompts for username and password and any username or password I used wouldn’t allow me in and it would take me to an access denied page.  I then found out that you have to set the search service account.  I did that and it appears to be working.  Hope this helps.

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