IE10 downloads to network share causes “This program couldn’t be downloaded” error message in download manager


So basically this is what happens and the back story to this is that if you have a computer with re-directed folders, which normally would be in a corporate environment, and you attempt to download certain files, you end up with this error message in the IE10 download manager.

This was a problem with IE9 but it was fixed here:  It appears that with IE10, whatever fix they utilized, wasn’t retroactively applied to the IE10 code.

I did a little digging with Processor Monitor and found that I was getting a sharing violation error.  I then Googled that, found a few web pages talking about the problem with IE9, finally read something about Microsoft Security Essentials being a partial culprit, did some testing and came to the conclusion that if you exclude .partial files from Microsoft Security Essentials, you can get around this temporarily.  I say temporarily due to the fact that I hope Microsoft releases a fix for this although I am not getting my hopes up.  What is the consequences of excluding .partial files from MSE?  Well it basically means, I think, that every file you download isn’t going to be properly scanned.  I may be wrong, it may scan the entire file after it’s put back together but I can’t say for sure.  So if you do attempt this, you are doing this at your own risk, the possibility of downloading a malicious file and not being notified is very real.