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Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has the Verizon iPhone 4 – and he likes it, a lot

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Check out his post regarding the Verizon iPhone 4.  He’s had it since last Friday.  The gist of it is that he likes it, Verizon’s network is superior, the call quality is leaps and bounds ahead of AT&T.  The downsides are data is a tad bit slower but not by much and that you can’t be on a call and be using data at the same time.  That’s already been beaten to death.  He says that the Verizon iPhone will beat AT&T.  I’m probably going to buy one for business purposes so I’ll be able to further test.  If I do buy it I will post my results.  I’m with AT&T with an iPhone 4 right now.

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