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Internet Explorer 9 IE9 beta 1 first thoughts

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 September 201011 Comments

Well, IE9 is here and I was finally able to get my hands on it.  I first installed it onto my test system which has an Intel SSD.

I have to say that there are some minor quirks and one major bug but for the most part, it’s pretty damn great.

The major bug is that the problem when using accelerated scrolling and Microsoft’s own IntelliPoint software, it still goes haywire when you scroll fast down the page like you want to get to the bottom of the page really badly.

Sure, who uses that, right?  Well, I do.  It’s a really great feature and and I’m even sure others know that it exists but when you’re reading an extremely long webpage or scrolling through an extremely long Excel worksheet, it comes in handy.

On the other hand, there are some minor quirks with the way IE9 displays text.  I am assuming it’s either a hiccup with the way the page is being rendered due to it being much more standards compliant now than IE6, 7 and 8 ever were.

But the text looks blurry, and sometimes bold when it really isn’t supposed to look that way.  Like I said, it’s probably just some early bugs that have to be worked out.

Another thing that bugs me beyond belief is that now you can pin websites/favorites to the taskbar.  When certain sites use a specific .xml files, you can have menus pop up just like with regular apps that allow this feature.

The thing is, say for instance you have Facebook and Amazon both pinned to the taskbar.  You click-hold onto the Amazon link and motion upwards and up pops the menu.  You choose a link such as check status of order.  You then want to check on some friends on Facebook.  So you go over to the Facebook link, click-hold and motion upwards and again it brings up a menu for you to choose which link you’d like to see.  So you want to see what your friends are doing, you click on news.  Up opens a brand new browser window instead of a new tab in an already open/existing IE instance.  This is majorly annoying.  We should be able to CHOOSE what we want the new link to do whether it’s open up in a new window entirely or open up in a new tab.  Well, you can’t.

If any of you are on Microsoft Connect, would you please help me out by logging in and voting up my two bugs that I deem very bad/severe.

Bug #: 598701


Bug #: 554429

I’d really appreciate it!

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