My iPad complaints

iBooks Categories are bjorked

There are more sub-categories that cannot be accessed.

Technical books are lacking

Technical books are severely lacking.  If you want to learn CSS for instance, there is slim to none right now.  I am positive that these books and titles will be added as we go on but at its current pace, it will take at least a year if not more for several major titles to land itself on the iBooks sales list.  I’m not sure if this is due to publishing issues or pricing issues but when I’ve reached out to authors of several prominent CSS books they indicated to me that it would be on the iBooks store eventually but they were unsure of exactly when.

Marvel comics pricing is unfair

Marvel comics cost $1.99 per comic regardless of how old it is.  I think that $.99 cents is a little more fairer.  For comic books, I’ll read it once and only once.  With music, it holds a lot more value since I can listen to an mp3 for however long I want to.  With reading, I’m a one time, one hitter quitter type of guy.

Another thing about Marvel is that they don’t have a set release date.  Like music comes out every Tuesday.  At first it appeared Marvel was following a weekly schedule and then it started to get sporadic where it would be a week and two days or sometimes a week and three days.  Then come to find out the latest release only included nine titles.  I was disappointed with that.

Last but not least I really wish Marvel would release stuff from at least six months ago.  I understand they don’t want to compete with themselves for new releases, that is a given but they can still release comics that were released six months ago.  It makes absolutely no sense to keep those away from comic book fans.  Especially fans like me who have almost no places locally to buy comic books.