Western Digital external hard drive – SMARTWARE AKA CRAPWARE

Dear Western Digital,

I’m writing on behalf of millions of users out there who wish to tell you that we do not like you forcing your crapware smartware upon us.  We ask that you get rid of it on all future hard drives, figure out a way to reflash the current drives with a different firmware to remove said crapware and send out said firmware ASAP.

It is unacceptable to have a hard drive with a piece of crap like SMARTWARE on it without it being removable.  That is just unacceptable, period.

We will continue to put our money where our mouths are and spend our hard earned money on a different brand of hard drive.

You’re lucky that you guys are the only ones that produce a 10kRPM SATA drive.

In any case, I’ll be purchasing Seagate’s external hard drive as well as just building my own.  In conclusion, you’re screwing your customers and we believe you should fix what you have broken.