Apple iPad

Apple’s new iPad was a completely failure up until they announced the price points.  They knew that without the multitasking that this gigantic iPhone would not sell right if priced at or around $500+.  They knew that people would want more than what they have on their iPhones right now.  They knew that people wanted multitasking and I’m sure it will come eventually but they had to have known that people would be up in arms.

I was up in arms right up until I saw the price point.  I immediately comprehended Apple’s logic behind this product.  They wanted to aim low with the price point, introduce it in between the iPhone and a full fledged notebook as well as a netbook.

Do you want to know how I know?  Because the minute they announced the specs and with no mention of multitasking I immediately said I would never buy this.  Again once I saw and read that it would be priced at $499 with just wifi, I said holy crap, I AM BUYING THIS.  That’s how I know.  I can’t wait.

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