Windows 7 64-bit problems with Adobe Reader 9.2, 9.3 and Acrobat – Internet Explorer 8 tab crashes upon closing PDF file

I’ve had this problem for roughly two months now.  The problem description is as follows: Open up any PDF with Internet Explorer 8 within a new tab.  The first thing I noticed was that I would receive this pop up box which would ask me to choose certain settings on how to read this PDF file.  There was a box on the bottom which indicated that if you check here, you won’t have to see this again – so I did.  The second part to this problem is that when I close the tab that houses the PDF file, IE crashes.  It indicates that there was a problem with acroread.dll.  I have searched long and hard but could not find a proper solution.

I tried your basic troubleshooting.  Uninstall program, reinstall.  Try updating to the newest version if possible, no dice.

I tried searching around on Google and even posted to the Adobe support forums but have not heard a peep from anyone.  This normally indicates to me that either the problem is in its infancy stages and nobody is really doing what I am doing therefore, no one else is experiencing this and or that it’s just my setup that has this problem.  The thing is, I have two computers both running Win 7 64-bit and they experience the same thing.  The only thing in common between the two is their operating system.

I have tried another forum and hope to hear back from someone.  Post in the comments if you are experiencing this problem and or if you have a fix.  Thanks.

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