IOGEAR GCS1204 went south and IOGEARs RMA process

So my trusty, DVI KVMP, the IOGEAR GCS1204 went south on me.  No no, not the new one I just got for home.  This is the KVMP switch I’ve been using at work for my single, dual-link, DVI monitor.

This is the GCS1644’s little brother.  It is truly an amazing piece of machinery.  I had to get it RMAed since IOGEAR’s warranty on their KVMs are 3-years.

I started out by getting in touch with the online chat.  This was a bit tedious as they are often slow and more often than not, will disconnect on you before you’re even done chatting.

So I got in the chat, told them what was happening and that if they could start the RMA process.  They did.  They sent me to a link in which I had to fill out my information, including serial number, address, etc.

I would hope at this day and age that you would get a simple confirmation email stating that they received your request.  That did not happen.  I was kind of confused so I sent it again, all my info, doing the cumbersome task of writing it all out (then I remembered that I had Roboform installed and just used Roboform instead).

I had to submit it 4 times, and then get back on the chat with a representative in order to finally get some type of confirmation.

The next day I received confirmation that the RMA was submitted and how to proceed.  I had to fax something in to them.  I had to fax a proof of purchase, and also a sheet of paper with my name, address, the serial number of the product, model number of the product things like that.

Our fax machine here at work does not fax long distance so unfortunately I had to wait another day.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention since this KVMP is for work, I needed it back ASAP.  So I opted for their advance RMA which is basically giving them a CC# and them cross-shipping me the KVMP replacement.  If I don’t return it back within a certain amount of time, they’ll charge my CC.  The one flaw or drawback I consider is that they had me send them my CC# through fax.  This is not the safest way to get something like this done, unfortunately.  Luckily I have an actual credit card and not a debit card so I sent it anyway because if any unauthorized charges come through, I’ll just dispute them with my CC company.

Anyways I went to Kinkos FedEx to send out the fax to IOGEAR.  The faxes cost me almost $5.00 just to send it from where I am to IOGEAR’s headquarters.

Surprisingly I received an email setting up my RMA within an hour of sending the faxes.  I was happy that it was quick and painless.  The only other complaint I have is that they never gave me a confirmation or a timeline as to when they’d ship the replacement out.

I got back on the chat with support and they told me that I would get an email, try to wait a day.  That’s fine.  I waited and the next day I got confirmation the KVMP was shipped out via FedEx Home Delivery.

I received it yesterday and as far as I can tell, it’s brand new.  If it is refurbished then they pretty much changed everything externally and everything internally is refurbished.  That’s fine by me.

So far so good.

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