Uninterruptible Power Supply aka Battery Backup

This is the most important thing you can have in your arsenal in prolonging your computer’s life.

Most people think, oh hey, I’m just going to go down to Best Buy to buy the cheapest one available and or think that their surge protectors will help – here is news, it won’t.  You should be ready to pay to play.

You will need something like this APC BR1500 Back-UPS 1500VA for Home/Office Computers.  I use this personally at home, and work for my computers.  APC has recently announced that they’re going to update the look of this UPS but in the mean time, I assure you, this will be your best money spent on protecting your PC.

You need a higher end version that regulates voltage and your power.  Something that will provide line conditioning for those power outages/surges/brownouts that occur right under your nose.  You may not hear it, see symptoms or notice it, but it happens.  Will this device your computer is protected.  On top of that, APC does offer a guarantee type insurance in the case of catastrophic failure but for the most part, you won’t need it.

I’ve already purchased two of these APC BR1500 Back-UPS 1500VA for Home/Office Computers and plan to add more to my arsenal.  I assure you you should do it too.