Technology Christmas wish list

Plextor 880SA internal SATA 24x DVDRW

My 3 year old Plextor 760SA has given enough duty for his age.  He’s a goner.  No longer burns disk at fast rates without producing errors. I want their new burner even though it’s not a real Plextor.  It’s a rebadged Lite-On drive.

Plextor 24x DVDRW external

I could use this for the Mac Mini I use at work.  The 2x SuperDrive just isn’t cutting it. 

Plextor 8X external SLIM DVDRW

This would best be used by people who have Netbooks and or those who work on computers who need a test optical drive that doesn’t need power.  This drive works off of USB power.  Great addition.

Mushkin Redline 4GB DDR2 x2

I have my ASUS Rampage Formula, Intel Core 2 Extreme waiting patiently to be put into a new home.  I just need 8GB of this stuff.  Someone get them to me!

ASUS P6T7 WS motherboard

Need to be bleeding edge with technology, I want this and it’s next on my hit list.

Intel Core i7 975 extreme CPU

Same with the motherboard above, it would pair nice with the bleeding edge technology.

Intel X25M 80GB SSD

Only the fastest damn drive on planet earth right now.  It’s a tad bigger than a 74GB Raptor which I had been using for several years.  I could do with 80GB.

Intel X25M 160GB SSD

The 80GB’s bigger brother.

Canon EOS 7D 18 MP DSLR

I have my Panasonic LX3 but this camera hands down, with the 1080p video capabilities, is by far margins ahead of the Panasonic.

If you want, you could buy one of these great gifts and send them to me for Christmas.  I’d truly appreciate it!