Google Wave Frame for Internet Explorer

Let me say this first and foremost.  I hate it when anything changes your settings without it asking you first.

So I got an invite to Google Wave.  I use IE8 as my primary browser.  Upon viewing the Google Wave homepage it told me I have to either install FireFox, Safari or Chrome and or install this Google Wave Frame plug-in.

So I install the plug-in since I only use IE8 as my web browser.

I load up the Wave homepage and realize that my fonts have been changed.  I’m an old school guy.  I don’t give a crap about fancy fonts.  I want EVERYTHING I’m viewing to be in Verdana size 9, period.

So I see everything in Arial.  I think to myself, ok, this frame must just render the page through the plug-in, fine, that’s OK with me.

Next thing you know, I load up Google Reader.  I see that everything is in Arial as well!  WTF!  I do not want this frame or piece of shit Google tool changing all of my settings.  I uninstalled it.

In the case you find yourself having to install this plug-in in order to view Wave through IE, and you notice your fonts have been hijacked: now you know what did it, Google Wave Frame.

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