My old computer broke

So I recently put together a new computer and put my older computer to the side.  I also recently invested in a new $500 dollar dual monitor, dual-link DVI KVM switch so that I could use both computers at the same time.  Unfortunately it appears the old computer bit the dust.

There is this weird correlation where if you do not use a computer that was constantly being used all the time, all the time, it will just spontaneously die.  No joke.  All I have is anecdotal evidence though so it’s just my own experiences that I’ve accumulated over the years that have shed light on this phenomena.

I’ve seen clients bring their computers in and tell me, “Oh yeah, I’ve had this for 4 years now, I use it everyday.  I left on vacation for a month, came back and it won’t turn on or boot!”

That’s the exact same type of symptoms my old computer is experiencing.

At first I was going to try to reinstall Windows then realized my DVD drive was not reading my disks.

So I turned it off, and reseated the cables and all the basics of troubleshooting and turned it back on and it wouldn’t go.

It’s more detailed than that but it’s turkey day and I can’t write too much since we’re so busy.  To keep it short, the computer is probably dead.  Hopefully I can salvage the rest of the parts though.  I’m actually going to try to get it to boot right after I type this.