Invested in a new KVM switch for home

IOGear released a dual-view (dual monitor), dual-link DVI KVM switch.  For those who’ve kept up with this blog since its inception will all know I’m a diehard KVM freak.

When I saw that they created a new dual monitor-dual-link DVI KVM switch I said I HAVE to have it.  It sort of became an obsession almost.  I just had to see if it was legitimate and if it worked.

I purchased the IOGear 4-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch with Audio GCS1644 (Black) from Amazon on Monday.  Paid roughly $60.00 extra to have it overnight express since Thursday is a holiday and received it this afternoon.

I waited all day to play with it.  I brought it home, did my chores, help the wife out and all that family stuff.

I then broke it out of its box and started putting it together.

Right now I only have two computers that can utilize dual DVI monitors and thus my journey began.

I connected all wires and cables.

Hooked it up to my first main PC.

I connected everything while it was already on so it recognized it right away and I did not see any quirks.

Sure enough after hooking up my second PC and then rebooting my first PC, I ran into an issue where the KVM (IOGear GCS1644 dual view, dual link DVI KVM switch) prevented my computer from booting.

It stalled on the Rampage Extreme splash screen.

I removed the KVM’s USB cable and hooked my keyboard directly up to the computer.  I noticed that upon restarting it by pressing the reset button, the computer booted into Windows and got past that stuck screen easily without any issues.

I decided to investigate.  I turned off all the fancy splash screen stuff from within the BIOS and figured out it was getting stuck at “Initializing USB controllers.”

So I ended up checking for a new BIOS for my motherboard.  There were two available since the last flash.

I downloaded and installed the latest version.

Made some adjustments within the KVM switch itself and tried for another reboot.

This time, success.  It past the point where it was getting stuck.  It appears that it was an issue with the BIOS.

In any case, here is the beat in all its glory.

kvm1 kvm2 kvm3