Dell Inspiron 530S desktop shuts down then restarts automatically

I am working on a Dell 530S that when shut down properly from within Windows, restarts roughly a few seconds after a complete shut down.  I have tried everything from updating the BIOS, installing the latest chipset drivers, removing the memory modules and replacing them with new ones, as well as changing the memory module slots, resetting the CMOS, disabling every single power feature within the BIOS, changing the power settings within Windows, as well as changing out the power supply.  The computer still turns on after a few seconds.  I’ve gotten it to shut down completely once or twice but it will consistently not shut down after I turn it back on again.

This is definitely boggling my mind.  Doing a Google search yields very little results with one or two that match the same thing I’m through.  The suggestion in those were all related to turning off the power settings or power on settings in the BIOS.  I tried it all.

My next guess is simply that it’s a motherboard failure and that a new motherboard is going to be required.  There isn’t much more I can do at this point.  The strange thing is that this is the second computer within the past month with the same symptom.  Although the last computer was not a Dell, it was a Compaq.

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