Computer RAM memory prices skyrocketing

I have noticed that within the past few months ram prices have increased by at least 50%.  DDR2 memory as well as DDR was priced at a very low cost of roughly $20/GB just a few months ago.  That means you could easily find yourself 4GB of memory for $80.00 and 8GB of memory for $160.00.  It wasn’t too far fetched to see these prices at for quality memory from Crucial, Kingston, Mushkin, etc.

Ram prices have gone up to almost $259.00 for 8GB (2x4GB) of memory.  That’s almost $100 dollars more for the same set that you could get just a few months back at around the $160.00 price range.  It’s ridiculous that prices of memory has risen so fast.

I’m wondering what truly made the prices spike.  Ram companies have been caught price fixing before and they were even sued which in the end they settled and many people received a cut of that settlement.  Perhaps they did not learn their lesson.  I haven’t heard of any major disruptions like earthquakes or anything like that in or near Taiwan.

Hopefully memory prices go back down.  I was stocking up on DDR1 when prices were insanely low due to this fact alone.  I lived through the era a few years back where memory prices went up 300-500%.  It was a mad house with a lot of people making a lot of money dumping their cheap ram that they bought for pennies on the dollar.

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