Turbo Tax Advantage subscription – I got scammed

So for the past 4 years I’ve been using Turbo Tax to do my taxes.  I bought the Deluxe edition online for 2008’s taxes.  I apparently opted in for this “Advantage” subscription where I will automatically be billed $60.00 for the new version of Turbo Tax each year around November.  I saw an email arrive in my inbox last night and it was from Turbo Tax.  I said okay, well, I guess I did not opt out of their advertisements, which I normally do.  I go to open it and it says thank you for your order.  Immediately I thought okay this has to be one of those phishing emails and or spam emails looking to get me to click on a link.

Sure enough it was an actual order with my address, last four of my CC that I used in the previous order, pretty much everything that would confirm to me that I actually did indeed purchase this – however I did not!

I visit the Turbo Tax website and log in to my real account.  I check for order status and sure enough an actual order was placed.  Now I’m thinking alright, hmm, was my CC compromised?  Maybe I was phished?  WTF?

Well the logical thing to do is to go to Google and type in, “Turbo Tax subscription auto renew” and sure enough I get a link pointing me to Turbo Tax Advantage subscription which like I mentioned earlier is an automatic renewal to purchase the next version of Turbo Tax around the month of November.

The good news is that I can return it, hopefully.  The bad news is that I overdrew on the checking account (I used a debit card for this purchase) and had to rush to the bank to cover the delinquency.

The moral of the story is to always read the fine print, look at those check boxes towards the bottom of the agreement/purchase page.  Make sure to uncheck anything that says subscribe to newsletter and or auto renew if you don’t plan on using it again the next time they plan to renew that product.