Dell 2330DN laser printer does not print onto index cards


This printer, the Dell laser 2330DN does not or cannot print onto index cards.  Well it can but it will jam the printer.  I was extremely disappointed since my $100 HP laserjet that died a few years back printed to any index card I threw at it with no problems.

I could get it to print but the text that was printed was a) small and b) very light.  I  tried searching or some setting within the printer software but could not find anything.  on top of that the printer would end up jamming due to the fact that the index cards were so thick.  I rely heavily on index cards as a study guide.

As some of you may know I bought an HP 2055DN I believe a few years back and it only lasted me about 1 and a half years.  I was so disappointed that I looked elsewhere for another laser printer and after some searching, I came to the conclusion that this Dell printer was the one.  Unfortunately it is not.

Meh, I guess that’s where there are so many out there, there isn’t one particular one that gets every single job done.  I ordered this printer with the duplex feature as well as the network capability.

Besides the index card problem it’s been a great piece of machinery.  I have not had any problems.  Any recommendations for laser printers that print fine onto index cards?


I figured out what the hell the problem is and it is indeed full of Dell failure.  The Dell software/drivers will not allow me to print to a custom sized paper.  Thus I have to stick with an A6 sized paper and when I do this, regardless of if I set the actual paper size within Word, the A6 size is thee defacto standard paper size that cannot be changed.  This is ridiculous.  I am definitely going back to HP.  This is just retarded!

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