Kaserpsky 2010 Internet Security

So I have been using Kaspersky for quite some time, as you can see through past posts about this antivirus program.  I have had great success using previous versions.  I purchased a 3-year subscription a few years back and with that comes free upgrades to their latest versions.

I saw that the 2010 version was out.  I usually upgrade my home computer first.  I went to the website, downloaded the install file and ran it.  Install went fine, no problems to report.  I restart the computer and start using my computer like normal.  I immediately realize that wow, Internet Explorer 8’s tabs are opening extremely slow.  I know that IE8 has had problems with tabs opening slower than other browsers but not this slow.

I dealt with it for a few days thinking it was something else.  I went and disabled all add-ons and tried a few other things even going so far as disabling Kaspersky completely.  The problem continued to occur.

I ended up removing Kaspersky after running it for about 5 days total.  I immediately saw that IE8’s tabs opened much quicker than the delay of 5-10 seconds that I was experiencing with Kaspersky 2010.

I think they’ve continued on a path to bloatware each year they try to implement new things.  I kind of want to compare it to the way that Norton had gone for such a long time.  Finally though at least Norton saw the light and realized that they had to change.  I remember back in the day, mid-90s to late 90s people would recommend Norton like no tomorrow.  As the years went by though they continued to bloat their product up like no tomorrow and eventually it would make people’s computers not usable due to the amount of resources it would take it.  I can see Kaspersky slowing doing this with their own product.  It’s sad though because Kaspersky of all av makers should know that this is not the path to take with their products.

In any case, I don’t have any recommendations for av products at this time.  If you had to get something I’ve heard great things about NOD32 but can’t say for sure that it’s a great product since I haven’t used it yet.

I’ll probably have to give Kaspersky 2010 one last try but hopefully that IE8 tab thing will get ironed out.  IE8 is my primary browser and I have no plans to change that.