Time Warner Cable to resell Clearwire 4G WIMAX service

My local TWC is offering wireless service.  I found out that they’re going to resell Clearwire service branded as Time Warner.  There is absolutely no mention of this in the details on their website.  It just says it is Time Warner’s 4G network.

In any case, it is $44.95/month for unlimited access (local only).  If I wanted to be able to travel and use it it would be $69.95/month.  I also would have to drop $100 for the card although if I sign a 2-year contract they would waive the $100 and give me the card for free.  I’m seriously considering it.  My wife uses the computer a lot and we’re on the go for children’s sports games, things like that and it would really help out to be more portable than immobile with regular WIFI.  You’re not guaranteed WIFI when you’re out and about.

Then again, with T-Mobile supposedly rolling out their new HSDPA network supposedly capable of somewhere along the lines of 20+Mbps (theoretical of course) I just might have to sit tight and wait… however, my local TWC does offer the WIMAX service out of contract so that’s something to think about.

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