Seagate 7200.11 hard drive problems

So I ordered 3x1TB 7200.11 drives from Newegg.  I only now realized that the entire 7200.11 line of drives are defective.

I knew for a fact the 1.5TB drives had problems but that a firmware patch was released recently to fix this supposed problem.

From what I can gather, some people say the firmware update fixed it and others say the problem is still there.

I honestly only thought it was with the 1.5TB drives.  I had no idea that the 500GB and the 1TB hard drives were also having problems.

I’m sorely disappointed with Seagate.  They were once the cream of the crop around a year or two ago.

Here is a link to their support forum where you can see for yourself that many users are having many problems.

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