Internet Explorer 8 is not compatible with

I’m so disappointed with Microsoft’s IE team in that they truly dropped the ball with Internet Explorer 8 and compatibility with some really big name companies such as Netsuite.

I used Netsuite for work and have been having no problems with IE7.

From the first beta that was released of IE8, I’ve had nothing but problems with using the drop down Javascript menus on the website.  I waited and waited.  Then the second beta was released.  Still not fixed.  So I submitted a bug report and they said they need an account to get in there and test it.  I gave them everything they needed to fix the bug.  I don’t see how they could drop the ball like this.

I cannot obviously give them access to my Netsuite account since it is not mine.  It’s my company’s.  Anyhow, they should still be able to get one for testing purposes through Netsuite.

So if you are looking forward to using Netsuite and Internet Explorer 8, unfortunately they won’t work together.

Internet Explorer 8’s most recent release is pretty much the final build with some things being changed if they find really huge bugs.  I consider this bug huge.

Oh well.  Life goes on.  I guess there is a reason why Microsoft continues to lose the browser market share they once had years ago.  I think they’ll continue to lose more and more until finally they stop making web browsers.  I’m pissed.

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