Unable to access nVidia Storage software through the nVidia Control Panel

SO I’m at work working on this client’s computer.  The computer is using an ASUS M2N-32 SLI Deluxe motherboard.  Obviously onboard RAID sucks but I never knew how badly it truly sucked.  This guy’s initial RAID1 array died and both drives went with it.  I fixed him up with two new hard drives and reconfigured them for RAID1, again.  I then imaged one drive and tried to get the other drive to rebuild the array and copy all the data from the drive that has all the data to the drive that is empty.  I realized that this could not be done through the nVidia SATA RAID BIOS.  I booted into Windows and tried looking for an nVidia RAID utility which usually is a software based tool that should help with the recreation of the RAID1 array and population of data from drive to drive.

I looked long and hard and could not find the software.  I did a Google search and came up with something called MediaShield.  That looked familiar as I’ve seen it come up when installing nVidia drivers.

Lo and behold I found out that the RAID utility is actually a part of the nVidia Control Panel.  If you have the nVidia drivers installed, right clicking on the desktop and clicking on nVidia Control Panel should take you to the right place.  In my case, it didn’t.

In the left hand panel there should be something related to storage.  There was nothing at all.

I did a little more searching and figured that many people have this issue but there was no fix.  I was stumped.  I literally sat there with a blank stare and did a face palm a couple of times since I could not figure it out.

Then, just for good measure, I looked in device manager and saw that the IDE/SATA drive was a basic nVidia SATA driver.  I then looked in the nVidia folder that is created when you install the nVidia software.  I saw a folder called IDE and in it I saw a sub folder that was titled sataraid.  I then, through device manager, updated the IDE/SATA driver with the driver that was located in the sataraid folder.  Sure enough, after a reboot, I could now see the storage portion in the nVidia Control Panel.

So if you’re having problems, here’s hoping this will help you.

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