Antec P182 case – why so many bad reviews?

I purchased an Antec P182 for my cousin’s new computer.  I have past experience with the P180 and it has been nothing but good to me.  I feel it is build solidly and sturdy.

To my surprise, as I was researching for the best price, I came across several reviews at and saying that the case sucked, how flimsy the door is, and that the screws for the motherboard strip easily.

I got a bit worried and started to think, uh oh, maybe I bought the wrong case and Antec just fell off the wagon as far as quality control goes.  But come to find out, all of those people were wrong.  I have no idea how they came up with the screws not fitting properly.  I did not over tighten them nor did I use an electric screwdriver.  I used an old fashioned phillips screwdriver.

The front cover is extremely sturdy and I have NO idea why these people are claming that it is flimsy.  It’s far from.

Hopefully this mini-review will help some of you who are on the fence about purchasing the P182.  Take it from me, who has been working in the IT sector for several years and have been building custom machines for the past 10 years, Antec cases are sturdy, and built to last.

I plan to pick up another P182 for my current computer and for my next build I will be using the Antec Mini P180.