Windows Vista repair/overlay installation no longer available

I built a new computer for my cousin.  He is currently using Vista OEM.  I attempted to perform a repair installation due to the unit blue screening.  The blue screening is happening due to me changing the motherboard.

I thought it would be so simple, just like Windows XP, pop in the disk, go through the installation route but instead of installing it by formatting and re-installing, you press the mighty “R” key and have it delete all system files and keep all user files in tact.  What The FLDJF:LJKS?  Why would you do this Microsoft?  WHY???????????????

Now I have to back up his data and do a clean install of Windows.

Yes, Vista does give you the “repair” options but those are not truly repair options.  Honestly I have no clue what it tries to repair other than what it tells you on the screen.  I believe it tries to do a system restore to an earlier point where things were working… but how does it know when it was working last?

Besides that, it is just so inconvenient.  I hope that Windows7 will fix this.

What is Windows7?

Windows7 is the next incarnation of the Windows operating system.  Not much details on it other than it’s supposed to be released by late 2009.  I doubt that will happen but here’s hoping and I will be crossing my fingers.

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