Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 coming in August

I’m a little late on announcing this on my blog, as the announcement was made a few weeks ago.  Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 will be releasing in August.  This beta will be geared towards the consumer and not just the technical web designers.  I feel that IE8 has ways to go and beta 1 was just so buggy that it was unusable.  However, it was really a technical beta just for web designers and the such.  So it is quite understandable that the beta hasn’t worked very well.  I do have to say that it has a long way to go before being finalized.

I hope that beta 2 will be stable enough to switch to full time.  The first beta of Internet Explorer 7 was stable enough for me to use up until the latter stages of the beta.

They’ve implemented some really cool features that I would like to touch upon in another post.  They finally fixed the bug or maybe it wasn’t really a bug but rather a feature that didn’t exist.  You can now create several links in a folder on the links toolbar and middle click it and what happens now is that it will open all of the links in the folder in new tabs.  Prior to this, an Explorer box would open with all your links in it.  I had suggested this to the IE team for quite some time while IE7 was in its beta stages only to be told that it is a feature that cannot fit into IE7 and will have to wait for the next iteration of Internet Explorer.

With that said, I’m glad they’ve continued development on the browser.  If it wasn’t for FireFox, IE would still be at IE6.0 which we all know sucks and is extremely vulnerable to attacks.  FireFox 3, on the other hand, is coming out soon.  It is currently in its release candidate stages which means it is very close to going gold.  I haven’t played around with it very much but a co-worker of mine has.  There are a few annoying bugs that still need to be worked out.  I still hear and read that it is slow and still uses up massive amounts of memory.  That’s definitely something I wish they would fix.