Hewlett Packard DV6000, DV9000 series wireless card problem / defect which leads to a bad motherboard

HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario v3000/v6000 Series Notebook PCs

Hello, I recently came across a mixture of six DVxxxx series laptops that utilized an AMD Turion X2 processor and a Broadcom wireless card/chipset. 

ALL six laptops exuded symptoms of:

·         Laptop turns on with lights turning on as well but no display on the LCD.

·         Laptop turns on with lights turning on as well but no display on the LCD and no display with an external monitor hooked up to it.

·         Laptop turns on momentarily with the lights flashing briefly for roughly two seconds and then the lights and the entire laptop shuts off.

Prior to these things occurring you may encounter the following:

·         Wireless no longer works.

·         Wireless device is no longer listed in device manager.

·         Wireless device works but sometimes drops out and then disappears completely.

If you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms, I highly recommend contacting HP right away.  There is a manufacturer’s defect with what seems to be attributed to the wireless Broadcom card and the motherboard’s chipset.  I haven’t confirmed this but this is what seems to be the consensus.

The good news is, even if you’re warranty with HP has expired, you will be covered as they have extended the warranty for an additional 24 months while they repair and replace these defective computers.

What amazes me is not many people know about this.  I didn’t even know about this.  Prior to finding out about the recall I kept seeing more and more of the same exact laptop come through the shop only to suffer from the same exact symptoms (symptoms are listed above).

I felt sick at the fact that HP seemed to have made these laptops just roughly one year and a few months and then it dies.  It seemed to me like they put in a pre-made time bomb so that people would be forced to have to buy a new HP laptop after their warranty ran out.

I’m happy that HP is making good on their error and are extending the warranty for an additional 24 months.

Here is the contact information you need:

To contact HP in North America call 1-866-671-7362 from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm MST, 7 days a week.

Here is a link to a very large thread in the HP support forum.  Please be aware that this thread can take a few minutes to actually load on your computer, even if you have an updated/super fast/mighty computer.

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