Shure SE110 headphone review

I needed a new pair of headphones for my iPod.  The ones that came with the iPod blew up again.  I bought a cheap pair of Sony’s from Longs but was not satisfied.  The sound that came out of the Sony’s was horrendous.

I went into the Apple store I saw the Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphone with Balanced Armiture Driver, Whitewhich are the direct replacement for the Shure E2C headphones.  I have been thinking about purchasing these for quite some time now.  I have had them in my cart for a few weeks.  As I read through the reviews, they seem to be a very nice pair of headphones with little problems.

So I say this is a good investment and leave the Apple store with a new pair of headphones.  I come home to try them out and become sorely disappointed.  There is absolutely no bass response with these headphones.  Also, I’ve never used in ear canal headphones before.  So unless you really like the feeling of something going deep inside your ears and then inflating up to keep the noise out, I don’t think you’d like these – I know I didn’t.

The weirdest issue of all was that it felt like I was wearing a doctor’s stethoscope.  When I would put the headphones into my ears and start walking, I could hear the vibration all through the headphones.  It was rather strange.  It is the same sensation of putting on a doctor’s stethoscope and touching the portion that goes to your body.  That is the best way I can explain the sensation I had when wearing these headphones.

The sound is obviously better than the regular iPod and basic Sony headphones but for $100.00 I was expecting more.  The Shure series of headphones are highly praised all over the Internet.  In this case, I found it to be lacking in a few departments.  There are higher end models and apparently these are the cream of the crop for headphones.  Unfortunately I do not have the money to spend on $500.00 headphones.

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