Dell Dimension 8400 blue screen problems!

I am having problems with this Dell Dimension 8400 desktop.  The main issue is that it blue screens at random.  I have a feeling and hunch that it has to do with the memory modules.

This particular unit has 4 dimm slots and also 4 slots populated.  Two slots have 1GB sticks in each and the other two are populated with 512MB sticks of PC3200 memory.

The 1GB sticks are the same brand and the two 512MB sticks are the same brand as well; however, ALL FOUR are not the same brand.

Now I have not really seen this pose a problem for most computers in this day and age.  I have seen mixed memory modules work fine together.  However, this thing is driving me nuts.  I’ve had it for well over a week now.

The hardest part is that it happens at extremely random intervals.  I can never get it to happen twice in a row.  I have to re-start the computer several times before it actually happens.

I’ve looked through the minidump .dmp files to no avail.  The data that I find is all random – which indicates that it has something to do with the memory.

I’ve swapped out all components possible and even tried a new hard drive, no luck.

I go back tomorrow trying to push at it to get this unit up and out of the shop.  Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

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