Where is the Playstation 3 modchip?

Where, oh where, art thou?  I am looking for you, PS3 modchip.  Can ye be found?  I’m wondering where it is and why it’s taking so long.

Well, no, let me reiterate that.  I wonder if Blu-Ray is proving to be the cause of no modchip.  You see, Blu-Ray has a disk limitation size of 25GB for a single layer disk and a 50GB limit for a dual layer disk.  That poses a definite problem.  Not only would you need an insane amount of disk space to rip the disk, along with some way to do that, which as far as I understand, has not been found yet.

What other delays could be causing a modchip for the PS3 to appear?

Modchips are innovative pieces of electrical engineering craftsmanship that I have used to my ability in the past.  They are worth their while although at times can be a pain to install if you don’t know what you’re doing.  I would be surprised if we see anything for the PS3 within the next six months to a year.

The Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have already been “hacked” so to speak in that they have ways to play “backups.”  The Wii hacked via a modchip installation and the Xbox 360 via a firmware upgrade to its DVD-ROM drive.  However, both game machines use regular DVDs as opposed to the PS3 which uses Blu-Ray disks.

So, who knows, perhaps we’ll never see a modchip or hack for the PS3.  In that case, everyone is going to have to deal with scratched disks.

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