Crucial Ballistix DDR PC4000 problems, again

The last time I talked about this I mentioned how both pairs of my DDR1 PC4000 Ballistix memory died in sequence.

Well, it happened again. Last week my work pair died and then just a few days ago my home pair died.

This time, I have finally given up. I give up on the Crucial Ballistix DDR1 (I am not giving up entirely on Crucial).

They have a major design flaw and this is the reason why they took it off the market for a short period of time. I guess they thought they fixed it or that the demand was overwhelming and worth the multiple RMAs that they were going to incur. Personally, it isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth the down time anymore. I went out and bought two pairs of the regular PC3200 non-ECC/non-registered memory for my work and home box.

What will I do with the other two sets of Ballistix? Truthfully I don’t know. I will probably just sit on it and use it in machines that aren’t important to me lol.