IBM T41 ATI video card problems – blue screen with error indicating ati file

Alright, this is a first random problem I’ve received in a long time. I’m working on an IBM T41 notebook. The initial problem is that it will blue screen and also go to a blank screen at random intervals. It is extremely random in that I cannot seem to re-create it without having it run overnight, come back, do a few things and then it will happen; although, like I said, it happens very seldom and very randomly.

I had a eureka moment yesterday when I turned the unit on, had it boot up, lifted it up, and it froze. I soon realized I could re-create the problem by lifting the laptop up and making it freeze each and every time I tried.

This leads me to believe something may be loose inside.

I’m in the process of breaking it down. I’ll be taking it apart entirely today and just looking inside. I’ll re-seat the processor, I’ll change the processor, and I’ll do all that troubleshooting and soon hopefully figure out what is causing it.

But, in the case that you experience something like this, try lifting it up while it is running; if it freezes upon doing so, then you may be experiencing the same problem as I am.

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