When computer parts go bad – BUT IT’S BRAND NEW!

I apologize in advance but this is just a tiny rant of mine. Listen, when you have a new computer, a new electronic device, etc. there is always the possibility, even if it’s brand new, that it will go bad. Why? There’s no good reason why other than the quality of the product or perhaps it was just an error from the factory. These things, unfortunately, happen. There is nothing you can do and it’s just the luck of the draw.

You can, however, lessen your chances of receiving a bunk product. You can do a little research, and make a sound decision by investing (spending a lot of money) on a higher end laptop or electronic item. Now I’m not saying that just because it’s a high priced item it won’t fail, that’s not the case either. I’m saying, do some research, stay away from crap products that have horrible reviews and please, just please, don’t be surprised if you happen to buy something and within a few months, it dies. These things happen. Look at life for instance. Nothing is guaranteed. You could die tomorrow, I could die tomorrow, the world could conceivably end tomorrow as well. NOTHING is certain well, except death.