Keep Yourself Protected!


ALWAYS do your Windows Updates (Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases security updates for flaws in their operating systems).

ALWAYS have some type of active and valid antivirus protection on your computer. Many times people let their subscription lapse and in doing so no longer receive the most up to date protection definitions. This means that you’re susceptible to being infected by a recently created or updated virus.

NEVER open e-mail attachments from people you do not know. ALSO even though the attachment does come from someone you know, always be suspicious. If this person has not told you prior to receiving this attachment that they planned on sending you one, be cautious! Often times viruses will take over computers and in doing so will utilize the address book which YOUR e-mail is probably on!

STAY AWAY from hacks, cheats, cracks – these are packed with viruses and are bad news!

BE HESITANT of all warnings that occur during a pop-up window. Real software manufacturers such as Microsoft, Adobe, and all others will never send you a pop-up window with information such as your computer is in immediate danger if you do not download this file or program! — DO a little research via if you see a pop-up window with a program name such as WinAntiVirusPro (the first few results normally will tell you whether a program is legitimate or fraudulent. As you can see when you type WinAntiVirusPro into Google, the first few results indicate it is a fraudulent antivirus program.

SOCIAL NETWORK USERS (MySpace, Face Book, Friendster, etc.) be aware of people’s homepage indicating you MUST download this software in order to view this video. This is how the hackers get you! They trick you into downloading a file when in reality it’s actually a virus! I personally NEVER download anything off of Myspace. It just is not worth the risk!

ALWAYS USE COMMON SENSE 1.0!!! If it seems fishy to you, don’t risk it, just close it out and forget about it!

There are many ways that you can be infected with a virus/spyware. If you have outdated software such as AOL Instant Messenger version 5.5 or Yahoo Messenger version 2.6 and so forth and so on, you’re open to the many bugs that can be exploited.

Some of the most common programs on your computer that should be checked for updates are: Apple iTunes and QuickTime (, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash (, AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, (,, Java (, last but not least, Windows! Again the second Tuesday of every month Microsoft releases several patches that fix holes and bugs in the Windows operating systems.

Last but not least, here are a few free antivirus programs to use (TAKE NOTE, never use more than ONE antivirus program on your machine at any given time. If you have more than one, the two will conflict with your computer and in doing so will cause your computer to slow down significantly.) Running two antispyware programs is fine.