First impression of Lavasoft USA’s Ad-Aware 2007 antispyware program

Hmm, what can I say? My first impression of it? It is buggy and it sucks. I installed it onto a computer that is running Windows XP (clean install) and upon installation I immediately received a service error. I thought perhaps I needed to restart the computer. Upon restarting and booting into Windows, the same error appeared. It’s definitely not looking too good.

Ad-Aware was the very first antispyware that I used to combat spyware. It was a great piece of software during its prime. Eventually the spyware makers got smart and learned how to successfully bypass the Ad-Aware detection. That and things got extremely complex.

Hopefully I will get around to installing a working version and I’ll be able to put it to a test.

Currently if you’re looking for antispyware software I highly recommend the following:

Spy Sweeper

Spy Sweeper is a powerful antispyware tool. It removes a lot of the nasty’s that are hard to remove. However, it is resource intensive so I would recommend that you change the setting of having Spy Sweeper from starting up during the computer’s startup.

Super Antispyware

This little guy, well I shouldn’t say little, but this guy is amazing. This also combats a lot of the nasty’s as well. If you use Spy Sweeper and are still experiencing an infection, than I highly recommend installing Super Antispyware and using it to its fullest potential. It’s a great tool.

Above are two links to each program. They are both trials although the Super Antispyware is actually a full program that will last indefinitely. Hope you enjoy both and use them wisely!

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