Microsoft Xbox warranty extended to 3-years from purchase date

I’m happy to report that Microsoft has recently upgraded the Xbox 360’s warranty from 1-year to 3-years from the date of purchase. This is due to the many Xboxes that have been having significant amounts of problems with overheating and the Red Ring of Death.

They’re going to lose out on more than one billion dollars embarking on this crazy endeavor but in all honesty, I think it will pay for itself in the long run. For one, they’ll be keeping many console gamers content with this new warranty. People will have a good feeling about Microsoft as opposed to that nasty taste in their mouth from paying over $300.00 for a console only to have it fail one year out from the DOP and then having to drop another $150 or so to have Microsoft repair it.

On the other side, there are tons of people worried. Asking questions like why is this still happening? When will the major problem be addressed and fixed? So far people have been left to speculate as to what the problem actually is that is plaguing all of these Xbox 360s. It boils down to overheating. The Xbox 360 has yet to move down to the 65nm processor size that they had original planned on doing this summer.

In other news, the PS3 is getting a $100 price cut come July 15th. The reason for this is obviously their console is overpriced and is losing the console war between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. Sony is at the bottom of the three and are probably losing quite a lot of revenue. The great thing about the price cut is you get a Blu-ray player on top of the gaming console. This in my eyes will attract a lot more people to buy the PS3. Maybe even those who would have never even wanted one in the first place but are av-philes and want the player for the Blu-ray capability.

What can be said is that the consumers are the winners at the end of the day. Although I still think the PS3 is a bit on the high side. On top of that you still need an HDTV to experience the greatness of either console. Whereas the Wii is still in short supply and demand is extremely high.

What do you plan on buying if you haven’t already bought one? Also don’t forget that Microsoft has a new 3-year warranty on their Xbox 360 consoles. Use it to your advantage!

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