Getting more efficient

I’m starting to think about how I can make my work area more efficient. Currently there are three long desks that make an L shape. I have three monitors. My main LCD, my first monitor which connects to a 4-port KVM switch which sits beside me and then another about a foot away towards my back, which is also connected to a 4-port KVM switch. I often times do scans or whatever is necessary on the computers in the back of me and forget about them since they aren’t facing me and are in the very rear of me. I concentrate on the monitor to my right which is in my direct view.

I first thought about getting two Dell 15″ LCDs since both monitors connected to the KVMs are 15 or 17″ CRTs. They’re too bulky and take up way too much space. However, now I am considering investing into either an Aten Technologies CS1708 8-Port KVM Switch or a 16-port USB KVM switch and just one 15″ LCD. I could always try the former and then go to opt with the latter if the two LCDs fail me. I mean the second option would leave me with probably much more room with just one LCD and then a long 8 or 16-port KVM switch. The main thing is expandability and the ability to work on several computers with only one monitor, keyboard and mouse directly in front of me. Also currently I have three sets of mice/keyboards and this often times gets in the way as well. Having just two sets would be ideal but damnit, this is definitely a hard choice to make.

I’ll update when I do make that decision and I’ll include some photos too. Until then or my next post, God bless and take care of yourselves.